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Elk Velvet | Elk Antler Velvet

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There is growing awareness of the benefits of elk velvet antler for use as a nutritional supplement in North America. More people are becoming convinced of it's significant effects of elk antler velvet in promoting well-being and relief for conditions affecting aging, circulation, and some pain symptoms, particularly arthritis. In the Orient, processed elk velvet antler is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the oldest recorded health systems known, as an ingredient used to promote health and wellness.

Benefits of Elk Antler Velvet

Active ingredients found in elk velvet antler are numerous. They include a variety of minerals, trace elements, protein, fatty acids, glycosaminoglycans, growth hormones, and growth factors. These ingredients and their use in the human body are many and varied. Though investigation has only just begun in North America, the list of aliments treated with velvet antler in ancient timees is quite lengthy. Some of the most important uses were for treatment of wounds, pain, arthritis, inflammation, stress, miscarriage prevention, and to slow the aging process.

Harvesting Elk Velvet

Bulls produce the antler velvet starting in mid March, harvesting takes place before calcification, mid to late May. The process of harvesting is painless to the bulls, however some pout for a few days having lost their rack.

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