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Run Elk Farm | Starting Up An Elk Farm

Is it a dream of yours to run an Elk Farm?  If you are seriously considering starting up an Elk Farm, an important decision to make is what elk market(s) interests you most. Once you have made your decision in what elk market(s) you want to specialize in, you can buy your elk genetics to support those goals. The pedigree of elk you purchase will determine your herd characteristics and stamina.

2001 Spikers

Elk Markets

Elk Velvet more info Velvet or also known as elk antler is a fast growing supplement that has proven to dilate the blood vessels to assist the body in taking care of itself. Velvet antler can boost hormonal activity, increase oxygen uptake to the brain, liver, and kidneys, decrease the rate of muscle fatigue, and promote muscular growth.
Elk Meat more info Elk meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken or turkey. Elk meat is great tasting and the healthiest meat on the market. Even though elk meat is not the market we cater to, we do process enough to satisfy our needs.
Hunt Bulls Trophy ElkElk hunting ranches are typically very large acreages in rough terrain. Hunters spend lots of time and money in search of trophy elk. Hunting ranches are beginning to flourish as the human population increases and the trophy quality of the wild elk decreases.

Breeding more info

One bull can service around 20 - 40 cows. Artificial insemination is common with a success rate of 50-80%.

Start-Up Tips

  • Plan before you begin.
  • Contact your local Department of Agriculture or Department of Natural Resources for regulations that may affect your elk ranch.
  • elk equipment
    Enclosed Handling Facility
    Contact local elk farmers and other elk associations such as MNEBA or NAEBA for additional information on costs of animals, fencing, feed, etc.
  • Purchase your stock and fencing equipment from reputable farmers and dealers.
  • Set up a recordkeeping system to account for expenses and animal records.
  • Try to keep the true capital cost of the fence to 10% of your total investment in your elk venture.
  • Elk are a very attractive investment if you have land, can put up the fence, and have animal experience.
  • There are any number of options to explore:
    • Private ownership
    • "Share farming" arrangements between investors and landowners
    • Partnerships
    • Corporate structure
young elk
2001 Calves

Wolf Creek Elk Ranch welcomes you to come and visit about elk ranching. We will help you plan and start up your elk ranch or even help you to grow your existing elk ranch. Give us a call at 218-658-9653 or e-mail us at info@wolfcreekelkranchinc.com.




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